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Sentimental Nemunas routes
The rocket is a passenger ship and an engineering legend that has sailed the most picturesque bends and valleys of the Nemunas river since the 1960s. Travelers, who have once been rewarded with sentiments, are reborn with a new crew and stories.

Kaunas - Nida

Historical Route
Comfortable and picturesque trip
58 seats on board
Sentimental historical route
Moored in Nida


The extraordinary history of the ship dates back to 1957: on August 25, the pilot model Rocket-1 sailed its first route. The 420-kilometer-long river road from Nizhny Novgorod to Kazan was covered in 7 hours, and 30 people traveled on board without hiding their enthusiasm.

The first voyage was crowned with joy: Rockets began production for the entire then Soviet Union. Mass production meant that passenger ships would become part of history, delight future generations of travelers, and the variety of routes would allow everyone to enjoy the joy of discovery. As early as 1959, ships began to sail regularly on the rivers of the USSR.

At the beginning of the seventies, innovative ideas for passenger ships reached Lithuania: the ship Raketa began to navigate the bends of the Nemunas. The picturesque routes of the Great River became so popular that in the long run as many as 10 ships ran along the river roads.

The first part of the unforgettable story ends in 1995: passengers, crew and impressive ships left ports to wait for better days.

More than two decades later, inspired by this sentimental travel story, we invite you to revitalize the Rocket routes and resurrect ships to a new era

laivas Raketa istorija

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